The Vanishing Jewish Baseball Player
Date: Thursday, April 07 @ 08:50:08 UTC
Topic: Jews in Sports

Jason Maoz of The Jewish Press penned a well written article about The Vanishing Jewish Baseball Player describing the history of Jews in baseball and the reasons why there are less of them now (every Jewish mother wants their son to be a doctor or lawyer).

It also relates this funny story about Jimmie Reese (who had a long baseball career, mostly as a coach):

While playing in the minors, Reese once took part in a celebrity game in which the opposing team used a Jewish battery of pitcher-songwriter Harry uby and catcher Ike Danning (whose brother Harry starred for the New York Giants). Rather than use conventional hand signals, Danning called the game in Yiddish, certain that nobody on the other team would understand. Reese collected four hits, and after the game a surprised Ruby remarked to him, “I didn`t know you were that good a hitter, Jimmie.”

“You also didn`t know,” Reese responded, “that my name was Hymie Solomon.”

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