''Those Jews are nasty hockey players'' Harvard Profiles it's Jewish Hockey Play
Date: Wednesday, April 13 @ 05:29:54 UTC
Topic: Jews in Sports

The Harvard hockey team earned 21 wins and an NCAA tournament berth. In "SEES AND DESIST: Harvard's 'Chosen' Athletes Thrive" Rebecca A. Seesel profiles the three Jews that helped them make it there:

From Hobey Baker finalist Dov Grumet-Morris in goal to explosive defenseman Dylan Reese on the blueline to the skilled and crafty Andrew Lederman on the attack, this season’s Crimson was teeming with Jews.

According to John Halligan, historian of the National Hockey League (NHL), few Chosen Skaters have graced the ice in the 88-year history of the league. Perhaps there are a few more on the way.

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