Top 5 reasons to Advertise on
Date: Thursday, May 04 @ 06:15:39 UTC
Topic: Fundraising Ideas offers a unique audience of Jewish Sports enthusiasts. There are many reasons to advertise with us, here's just five:

  1. Targeted Market- Shalom Sports users are young (at heart), active, Jewish sports enthusiasts. There aren't many sites that touch all these demographics.
  2. Dedicated- Visitors to Shalom Sports Are dedicated to the leagues they are playing in or following. Your advertising can be strongly reinforced by its visibility next to "their" league.
  3. Affiliation- Your affiliation with a wholesome, high quality site like Shalom Sports enhances your brand.
  4. Interactive- Many of Shalom Sports features are interactive, this will likely increase the chances of your advertisement to be clicked.
  5. Tailoring- We work with you to tailor your message to give you the best possible response.


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