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Elaine Dickinson: Would you like something to read?
Lady: Do you have anything light?
Elaine Dickinson: How about this leaflet, "Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"

-- Airplane! (1980)

Source: IvyChat

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Spring 2020
7342020-02-12Zelik Skur replaces Eli Shekoohinia for the remainder of the Spring 2020 Season.ADLERSkur, Zelik
Shekoohinia, Eli
7352020-02-12Adler trades Skur to J. Yehounatan for Westreich.ADLERWestreich, Elie
Skur, Zelik
Westreich, Elie
7332020-02-06Sulaymanov trades Lavian to J. Yehounatan for RambodJ. YEHOUNATANLavian, Leor
Rambod, Daniel
MORADIRambod, Daniel
Lavian, Leor
7322020-02-05Sulaymanov trades Y. Gruber & Wegh to Fajiram for Bressler & HalpertFAJIRAMGruber, Yitzchok
Wegh, Eli
Bressler, Daniel
Halpert, Mayer
MORADIBressler, Daniel
Halpert, Mayer
Gruber, Yitzchok
Wegh, Eli
7312020-01-30Sulaymanov trades Moradi & Westreich to J. Yehounatan for Schorr & LavianJ. YEHOUNATANMoradi, Moshe
Westreich, Elie
Lavian, Leor
Schorr, Sholom
MORADILavian, Leor
Schorr, Sholom
Moradi, Moshe
Westreich, Elie
7302019-12-27Spring 2020 DraftELY SHILIANHindy, David1
ADLERMann, Eli2
FRIDMANAmrossi, Tom3
TAAVARGruber, Akiva4
PINESIsrael, Israel5
J. YEHOUNATANSchorr, Sholom6
MORADIMoradi, Moshe7
FAJIRAMAlon, Shlomi8
FAJIRAMBressler, Daniel9
MORADIGruber, Yitzchok10
J. YEHOUNATANShilian, Avraham11
PINESBeer, Shmuel12
TAAVARAzar, Avi13
FRIDMANYitz, Mordy14
ADLERPinter, Chesky15
ELY SHILIANBrisman, Yehuda16
FAJIRAMBerger, Steve17
MORADISulaymanov, Jeffrey18
J. YEHOUNATANYehounatan, Josh19
PINESKurland, Akiva20
TAAVARTaavar, Elisha21
FRIDMANSokel, Yehuda22
ADLERYafeh, Elisha23
ELY SHILIANWaxman, Fully24
ELY SHILIANMonheit, Ari25
ADLERHusarsky, Ari26
FRIDMANGreen, Tuli27
TAAVARShilian, Elchanan28
PINESPines, Avi29
J. YEHOUNATANYehounatan, Mike30
MORADIWegh, Eli31
FAJIRAMSchine, Eric32
FAJIRAMHalpert, Mayer33
MORADIZavurov, Manny34
J. YEHOUNATANRambod, Daniel35
PINESDany, Nissim36
TAAVARKohn, Sruli37
FRIDMANFridman, Ed38
ADLERShekoohinia, Eli39
ELY SHILIANShilian, Ely40
ELY SHILIANYafeh, Judah41
ADLERAdler, Yaakov42
FRIDMANDusowitz, Eli43
TAAVARRaminfar, Yigal44
PINESFruchter, Yehuda45
J. YEHOUNATANLavian, Leor46
MORADIWestreich, Elie47
FAJIRAMFajiram, Isaac48

Fall 2019
7282019-11-07Eric Schine replaces Efraim Levichaim for the remainder of the Fall 2019 Season.TAAVARSchine, Eric
Levichaim, Efraim
7292019-11-04Eli Shekoohinia replaces Zelik Skur for the remainder of the Fall 2019 Season.ADLERShekoohinia, Eli
Skur, Zelik
7272019-10-29Efraim Levichaim replaces Norm Shafar for the remainder of the Fall 2019 Season.TAAVARLevichaim, Efraim
Shafar, Norm
7262019-08-28Ely Shilian trades Sokel to Adler for MonheitADLERSokel, Yehuda
Monheit, Ari
Sokel, Yehuda
7252019-08-27Fall 2019 DraftFAJIRAMMann, Eli1
TAAVARHindy, David2
PINESGruber, Akiva3
J. YEHOUNATANSteinberg, Mike4
FRIDMANReisman, Mordy5
A. SHILIANAmrossi, Tom6
ELY SHILIANMoradi, Moshe7
ADLERIsrael, Israel8
ADLERAlon, Shlomi9
ELY SHILIANSchorr, Sholom10
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham11
FRIDMANKurland, Akiva12
J. YEHOUNATANYehounatan, Josh13
PINESYitz, Mordy14
TAAVARBeer, Shmuel15
FAJIRAMAzar, Avi16
FAJIRAMBrisman, Yehuda17
TAAVARTaavar, Elisha18
PINESBerger, Steve19
J. YEHOUNATANBurak, Matthew20
FRIDMANPinter, Chesky21
A. SHILIANAzizi, Yosef22
ELY SHILIANSokel, Yehuda23
ADLERMonheit, Ari24
ADLERShilian, Elchanan25
ELY SHILIANZavurov, Manny26
A. SHILIANYehounatan, Mike27
FRIDMANHusarsky, Ari28
J. YEHOUNATANKohn, Sruli29
PINESPines, Avi30
TAAVARSulaymanov, Jeffrey31
FAJIRAMGreen, Tuli32
FAJIRAMYafeh, Elisha33
TAAVARShafar, Norm34
PINESDany, Nissim35
J. YEHOUNATANNisanov, Igal36
FRIDMANFridman, Ed37
A. SHILIANRaminfar, Yigal38
ELY SHILIANRambod, Daniel39
ADLERDusowitz, Eli40
ADLERSkur, Zelik41
ELY SHILIANShilian, Ely42
A. SHILIANYafeh, Judah43
FRIDMANFruchter, Yehuda44
J. YEHOUNATANLavian, Leor45
PINESSchwartz, Eli46
TAAVARWestreich, Elie47
FAJIRAMFajiram, Isaac48

Spring 2019
7222019-04-01Mike Steinberg replaces Avraham Shilian for the remainder of the Spring 2019 Season.FAJIRAMSteinberg, Mike
Shilian, Avraham
7212019-03-18Berel Yarmush replaces Naftali Garber for the remainder of the Spring 2019 Season.ADLERYarmush, Berel
Garber, Naftali
7182019-02-28Fajiram trades Weiss & Kohn to A. Shilian for A. Shilian & SulaymanovA. SHILIANKohn, Sruli
Weiss, Joey
Shilian, Avraham
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
FAJIRAMShilian, Avraham
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
Kohn, Sruli
Weiss, Joey
7192019-02-28Lavian trades Eliav to M. Yitz for HusarskyLAVIANHusarsky, Ari
Eliav, Yossi
M. YITZEliav, Yossi
Husarsky, Ari
7142019-01-31Fridman trades J. Yafeh to Taavar for FruchterFRIDMANFruchter, Yehuda
Yafeh, Judah
TAAVARYafeh, Judah
Fruchter, Yehuda
7152019-01-31A. Shilian trades Zavurov and Mann to Yitz for Kurland & Ely ShilianA. SHILIANKurland, Akiva
Shilian, Ely
Mann, Steven
Zavurov, Manny
M. YITZMann, Steven
Zavurov, Manny
Kurland, Akiva
Shilian, Ely
7172019-01-29Tom Amrossi replaces Abe Koplovich for the remainder of the Spring 2019 Season.FRIDMANAmrossi, Tom
Koplovich, Abe
7162019-01-10Jeff Sulaymanov replaces Moshe Glikin for the remainder of the Spring 2019 Season.A. SHILIANSulaymanov, Jeffrey
Glikin, Moshe
7132019-01-06Spring 2019 DraftTAAVARGruber, Akiva1
FRIDMANIsrael, Israel2
FAJIRAMWeiss, Joey3
PINESGreenberg, Yaakov4
M. YITZKurland, Akiva5
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham6
LAVIANStrobel, Elan7
ADLERMoradi, Moshe8
ADLERGarber, Naftali9
LAVIANBerger, Steve10
A. SHILIANGlikin, Moshe11
M. YITZYitz, Mordy12
FRIDMANKoplovich, Abe13
FAJIRAMBrisman, Yehuda14
PINESGruber, Yitzchok15
TAAVARAzar, Avi16
TAAVARTaavar, Elisha17
PINESWaxman, Fully18
FAJIRAMKrieger, Shimon19
FRIDMANPinter, Chesky20
M. YITZYitzchakov, Moshe21
A. SHILIANMann, Steven22
LAVIANEliav, Yossi23
ADLERSokel, Yehuda24
ADLERMonheit, Ari25
LAVIANBloorian, Moshe26
A. SHILIANZavurov, Manny27
M. YITZHusarsky, Ari28
PINESPines, Avi29
FAJIRAMKohn, Sruli30
FRIDMANAzizi, Yosef31
TAAVARYafeh, Elisha32
TAAVARShilian, Elchanan33
FRIDMANFridman, Ed34
FAJIRAMYehounatan, Mike35
PINESAszknazy, Yakov36
M. YITZShilian, Ely37
A. SHILIANHalpert, Mayer38
LAVIANShekoohinia, Eli39
ADLERSchwartz, Eli40
ADLERAdler, Yaakov41
LAVIANYehounatan, Josh42
A. SHILIANRaminfar, Yigal43
M. YITZDany, Nissim44
PINESSkur, Zelik45
FAJIRAMFajiram, Isaac46
FRIDMANYafeh, Judah47
TAAVARFruchter, Yehuda48

Fall 2018
7122018-11-20Yehuda Fruchter replaces Leor Lavian for the remainder of the Fall 2018 SeasonLAVIANFruchter, Yehuda
Lavian, Leor
7112018-10-30Eli Schwartz replaces Gavriel Yitzchakov for the remainder of the Fall 2018 SeasonSULAYMANOVSchwartz, Eli
Yitzchakov, Gavriel
7092018-10-23A. Shilian trades Pinter & Skur to Halpert for Moradi & J. YafehA. SHILIANMoradi, Moshe
Yafeh, Judah
Pinter, Chesky
Skur, Zelik
HALPERTPinter, Chesky
Skur, Zelik
Moradi, Moshe
Yafeh, Judah
7102018-10-23Ely Shilian replaces Aaron Panzok for the remainder of the Fall 2018 Season.PINESShilian, Ely
Panzok, Aaron
7082018-09-27Fall 2018 DraftLAVIANGruber, Akiva1
MONHEITReisman, Mordy2
PINESGreenberg, Yaakov3
ADLERIsrael, Israel4
FRIDMANKurland, Akiva5
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham6
HALPERTBrisman, Yehuda7
FRIDMANGarber, Naftali9
HALPERTMoradi, Moshe10
A. SHILIANYitz, Mordy11
SULAYMANOVSulaymanov, Jeffrey12
ADLERWaxman, Fully13
PINESGruber, Yitzchok14
MONHEITBerger, Steve15
LAVIANKohn, Sruli16
LAVIANTaavar, Elisha17
MONHEITMonheit, Ari18
PINESZavurov, Manny19
ADLERSokel, Yehuda20
SULAYMANOVKrieger, Shimon21
A. SHILIANPinter, Chesky22
HALPERTHusarsky, Ari23
FRIDMANBloorian, Moshe25
HALPERTSontag, Yoel26
A. SHILIANShilian, Elchanan27
FRIDMANFridman, Ed28
ADLERMoser, David29
PINESPines, Avi30
MONHEITYafeh, Elisha31
LAVIANShafar, Norm32
LAVIANYehounatan, Mike33
MONHEITWeiss, Avrumie34
PINESAszknazy, Yakov35
ADLERAdler, Yaakov36
SULAYMANOVYitzchakov, Gavriel37
A. SHILIANSkur, Zelik38
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer39
FRIDMANShekoohinia, Eli40
FRIDMANDany, Nissim41
HALPERTYafeh, Judah42
A. SHILIANJablon, Yitz43
SULAYMANOVRaminfar, Yigal44
ADLERArieh, Issac45
PINESPanzok, Aaron46
MONHEITFajiram, Isaac47
LAVIANLavian, Leor48

Spring 2018
7072018-02-12Adler trades Kurland & Yafeh to Alon for M. Yitz & ShafarADLERShafar, Norm
Yitz, Mordy
Kurland, Akiva
Yafeh, Judah
MORADIKurland, Akiva
Yafeh, Judah
Shafar, Norm
Yitz, Mordy
7062018-01-30Arieh trades Kohn & Dany to Azar for Dusowitz & LavianARIEHDusowitz, Eli
Lavian, Leor
Dany, Nissim
Kohn, Sruli
AZARDany, Nissim
Kohn, Sruli
Dusowitz, Eli
Lavian, Leor
7052018-01-19A. Gruber trades Madnick & Fajiram to Halpert for Monheit & EzzatpourA. GRUBEREzzatpour, Shlomo
Monheit, Ari
Fajiram, Isaac
Madnick, Akiva
HALPERTFajiram, Isaac
Madnick, Akiva
Ezzatpour, Shlomo
Monheit, Ari
7032017-12-22Spring 2018 DraftA. GRUBERGruber, Akiva1
SULAYMANOVIsrael, Israel2
HALPERTWeiss, Joey3
ARIEHGreenberg, Yaakov4
ADLERKurland, Akiva5
MORADIAlon, Shlomi6
AZARAzar, Avi7
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham8
A. SHILIANWaxman, Fully9
AZARPinter, Chesky10
MORADIYitz, Mordy11
ADLERBrisman, Yehuda12
ARIEHGruber, Yitzchok13
HALPERTZavurov, Manny14
SULAYMANOVKrieger, Shimon15
A. GRUBERGarber, Naftali16
A. GRUBERMadnick, Akiva17
SULAYMANOVSulaymanov, Jeffrey18
HALPERTMonheit, Ari19
ARIEHKohn, Sruli20
ADLERHusarsky, Ari21
MORADIMoradi, Moshe22
AZARTaavar, Elisha23
A. SHILIANBloorian, Moshe24
A. SHILIANSokel, Yehuda25
AZARDusowitz, Eli26
MORADIShafar, Norm27
ADLERShilian, Elchanan28
ARIEHRahmanfar, Rabin29
HALPERTMoser, David30
SULAYMANOVAszknazy, Yakov31
A. GRUBERYitzchakov, Gavriel32
A. GRUBERPines, Avi33
SULAYMANOVWeiss, Avrumie34
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer35
ARIEHArieh, Issac36
ADLERAdler, Yaakov37
MORADIShekoohinia, Eli38
AZARGutman, Arthur39
A. SHILIANFridman, Ed40
A. SHILIANRaminfar, Yigal41
AZARLavian, Leor42
MORADISkur, Zelik43
ADLERYafeh, Judah44
ARIEHDany, Nissim45
HALPERTEzzatpour, Shlomo46
SULAYMANOVPanzok, Aaron47
A. GRUBERFajiram, Isaac48
7042017-12-22Halpert trades Moser to A. Shilian for FridmanA. SHILIANMoser, David
Fridman, Ed
HALPERTFridman, Ed
Moser, David

Fall 2017
7012017-10-24Adler trades Madnick & Taavar to Arieh for Azar & SkurADLERAzar, Avi
Skur, Zelik
Madnick, Akiva
Taavar, Elisha
ARIEHMadnick, Akiva
Taavar, Elisha
Azar, Avi
Skur, Zelik
7002017-10-23Arieh trades Aszknazy to Pinter for PanzokARIEHPanzok, Aaron
Aszknazy, Yakov
PINTERAszknazy, Yakov
Panzok, Aaron
7022017-10-17Ed Fridman replaces Jeffrey Sulaymanov for the remainder of the Fall 2017 Season.SHARFFridman, Ed
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
6992017-08-30Fall 2017 DraftFAJIRAMEngelberg, Yanky1
SHARFMann, Eli2
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
ARIEHIsrael, Israel4
ADLERKhunovich, Steven5
A. SHILIANGreenberg, Yaakov6
KURLANDKurland, Akiva7
PINTERPinter, Chesky8
PINTEREidelman, Sruly9
KURLANDZavurov, Manny10
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham11
ADLERWeinstein, Evan12
ARIEHAzar, Avi13
A. GRUBERBrisman, Yehuda14
SHARFSulaymanov, Jeffrey15
FAJIRAMHusarsky, Ari16
FAJIRAMMoradi, Moshe17
SHARFJakobov, Joey18
A. GRUBERYitz, Mordy19
ARIEHKohn, Sruli20
ADLERMadnick, Akiva21
A. SHILIANBloorian, Moshe22
KURLANDMonheit, Ari23
PINTERMoser, David24
PINTERPines, Avi25
KURLANDDusowitz, Eli26
A. SHILIANSokel, Yehuda27
ADLERTaavar, Elisha28
ARIEHAszknazy, Yakov29
A. GRUBERYitzchakov, Gavriel30
SHARFDavidowitz, Moshe31
FAJIRAMShekoohinia, Eli32
FAJIRAMFajiram, Isaac33
SHARFSharf, Yossi34
A. GRUBERHalpert, Mayer35
ARIEHArieh, Issac36
ADLERAdler, Yaakov37
A. SHILIANRahmanfar, Rabin38
KURLANDShilian, Elchanan39
PINTERMikhli, David40
PINTERPanzok, Aaron41
KURLANDWeiss, Avrumie42
A. SHILIANShafar, Norm43
ADLERRaminfar, Yigal44
ARIEHSkur, Zelik45
A. GRUBERYafeh, Judah46
SHARFDany, Nissim47
FAJIRAMEzzatpour, Shlomo48

Spring 2017
6982017-03-21Nissim Dany replaces Yitz Jablon for the remainder of the Spring 2017 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZDany, Nissim
Jablon, Yitz
6952017-02-02Grodko trades Pinter to Sharf for ZavurovGRODKOZavurov, Manny
Pinter, Chesky
SHARFPinter, Chesky
Zavurov, Manny
6962017-02-02Sharf trades Pinter to Halpert for StrobelHALPERTPinter, Chesky
Strobel, Elan
SHARFStrobel, Elan
Pinter, Chesky
6972017-02-02Grodko trades Shekoohinia to Gruber for ShafarA. GRUBERShekoohinia, Eli
Shafar, Norm
GRODKOShafar, Norm
Shekoohinia, Eli
6942017-01-31Matt Rubinov replaces Yaakov Greenberg for the remainder of the Spring 2017 Season.SHARFRubinov, Matt
Greenberg, Yaakov
6932016-12-30Elchanan Shilian replaces Rabin Rahmanfar for the remainder of the Spring 2017 Season.SHARFShilian, Elchanan
Rahmanfar, Rabin
6922016-12-29Grodko trades A. Weiss to J. Weiss for ShekoohiniaGRODKOShekoohinia, Eli
Weiss, Avrumie
J. WEISSWeiss, Avrumie
Shekoohinia, Eli
6912016-12-21Spring 2017 DraftADLERMann, Eli1
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva2
SHARFGreenberg, Yaakov3
B. DAVIDOWITZIsrael, Israel4
J. WEISSWeiss, Joey5
GRODKOAzar, Avi6
HALPERTKurland, Akiva7
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham8
A. SHILIANEidelman, Sruly9
HALPERTStrobel, Elan10
GRODKOPinter, Chesky11
J. WEISSDvir, Shimon12
B. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari13
SHARFZavurov, Manny14
A. GRUBERYitz, Mordy15
ADLERSulaymanov, Jeffrey16
ADLERMoradi, Moshe17
A. GRUBERShafar, Norm18
SHARFMonheit, Ari19
B. DAVIDOWITZKohn, Sruli20
J. WEISSMadnick, Akiva21
GRODKOBloorian, Moshe22
HALPERTDusowitz, Eli23
A. SHILIANBrisman, Yehuda24
A. SHILIANEidelman, Ari25
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer26
GRODKOAszknazy, Yakov27
J. WEISSTaavar, Elisha28
SHARFRahmanfar, Rabin30
A. GRUBERFajiram, Isaac31
ADLERDavidowitz, Moshe32
ADLERAdler, Yaakov33
A. GRUBERYitzchakov, Gavriel34
SHARFSharf, Yossi35
B. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz36
J. WEISSShekoohinia, Eli37
GRODKOWeiss, Avrumie38
HALPERTMikhli, David39
A. SHILIANArieh, Issac40
A. SHILIANRaminfar, Yigal41
HALPERTEzzatpour, Shlomo42
GRODKOGrodko, Jeff43
J. WEISSYafeh, Judah44
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny45
SHARFLavian, Leor46
A. GRUBERWeinstein, Shlomo47
ADLERSkur, Zelik48

Fall 2016
6902016-11-08Shimon Dvir replaces Yaakov Greenberg for the remainder of the Fall 2016 Season.FAJIRAMDvir, Shimon
Greenberg, Yaakov
6892016-11-01B. Davidowitz trades Burack to Sharf for ShekoohiniaB. DAVIDOWITZShekoohinia, Eli
Burack, Yoni
SHARFBurack, Yoni
Shekoohinia, Eli
6882016-09-27Sharf trades Sulaymanov to Adler for BloorianADLERSulaymanov, Jeffrey
Bloorian, Moshe
SHARFBloorian, Moshe
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
6872016-09-15Adler trades Eidelman, Jablon & Raminfar to Gruber for Arieh, Bloorian & MoradiA. GRUBEREidelman, Sruly
Jablon, Yitz
Raminfar, Yigal
Arieh, Issac
Bloorian, Moshe
Moradi, Moshe
ADLERArieh, Issac
Bloorian, Moshe
Moradi, Moshe
Eidelman, Sruly
Jablon, Yitz
Raminfar, Yigal
6862016-08-31Fall 2016 DraftB. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
HALPERTEngelberg, Yanky2
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
FAJIRAMGreenberg, Yaakov4
ADLERShilian, Avraham5
SHARFKurland, Akiva6
A. WEISSIsrael, Israel7
GRODKOAzar, Avi8
GRODKOWeiss, Joey9
A. WEISSPinter, Chesky10
SHARFSulaymanov, Jeffrey11
ADLEREidelman, Sruly12
FAJIRAMHusarsky, Ari13
A. GRUBERBloorian, Moshe14
HALPERTZavurov, Manny15
B. DAVIDOWITZBurack, Yoni16
B. DAVIDOWITZMonheit, Ari17
HALPERTBrisman, Yehuda18
A. GRUBERMoradi, Moshe19
FAJIRAMYitz, Mordy20
ADLERJablon, Yitz21
SHARFShekoohinia, Eli22
A. WEISSTaavar, Elisha23
GRODKOAszknazy, Yakov24
GRODKODavidowitz, Moshe25
A. WEISSWeiss, Avrumie26
SHARFDusowitz, Eli27
ADLERKohn, Sruli28
FAJIRAMShafar, Norm29
A. GRUBERArieh, Issac30
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer31
B. DAVIDOWITZYitzchakov, Gavriel33
HALPERTMikhli, David34
A. GRUBERRahmanfar, Rabin35
FAJIRAMFajiram, Isaac36
ADLERAdler, Yaakov37
SHARFSharf, Yossi38
A. WEISSYafeh, Judah39
GRODKOSkur, Zelik40
GRODKOGrodko, Jeff41
A. WEISSLavian, Leor42
SHARFYifat, Menachem43
ADLERRaminfar, Yigal44
FAJIRAMEzzatpour, Shlomo45
A. GRUBERWeinstein, Shlomo46
HALPERTBash, Avi47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Spring 2016
6842016-05-10Elan Strobel replaces Evan Weinstein for the remainder of the Spring 2016 Season.ZAVUROVStrobel, Elan
Weinstein, Evan
6832016-05-03Joey Weinstein replaces Yitz Jablon for the remainder of the Spring 2016 Season.SHARFWeinstein, Joey
Jablon, Yitz
6822016-04-19Jeffrey Sulaymanov replaces Shaya Manne for the remainder of the Spring 2016 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZSulaymanov, Jeffrey
Manne, Shaya
6812016-03-03Panzok trades Husarsky to Kohn for BurackKOHNHusarsky, Ari
Burack, Yoni
PANZOKBurack, Yoni
Husarsky, Ari
6802016-02-23Evan Weinstein replaces Chesky Pinter for the remainder of the Spring 2016 Season.ZAVUROVWeinstein, Evan
Pinter, Chesky
6792016-02-02Spring 2016 DraftGRODKOEngelberg, Yanky1
A. WEISSGruber, Akiva3
MONHEITShilian, Avraham4
ZAVUROVPinter, Chesky5
PANZOKIsrael, Israel6
KOHNGreenberg, Yaakov7
SHARFAzar, Avi8
SHARFEidelman, Sruly9
KOHNBurack, Yoni10
PANZOKHusarsky, Ari11
ZAVUROVZavurov, Manny12
MONHEITMonheit, Ari13
A. WEISSLebovics, Eli14
B. DAVIDOWITZManne, Shaya15
GRODKOBloorian, Moshe16
GRODKOYitz, Mordy17
B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy18
A. WEISSWeiss, Avrumie19
MONHEITAszknazy, Yakov20
ZAVUROVRaminfar, Yigal21
PANZOKWeinstein, Shlomo22
KOHNKohn, Sruli23
SHARFJablon, Yitz24
SHARFSharf, Yossi25
KOHNDavidowitz, Moshe26
PANZOKPanzok, Aaron27
ZAVUROVHalpert, Mayer28
MONHEITYitzchakov, Gavriel29
A. WEISSPines, Avi30
B. DAVIDOWITZShafar, Norm31
GRODKOShekoohinia, Eli32
GRODKOWestreich, Elie33
B. DAVIDOWITZArieh, Issac34
A. WEISSDusowitz, Eli35
MONHEITTaavar, Elisha36
ZAVUROVYafeh, Judah37
PANZOKStern, Menachem38
KOHNAdler, Yaakov39
SHARFSkur, Zelik40
SHARFMikhli, David41
KOHNLavian, Leor42
PANZOKFajiram, Isaac43
ZAVUROVYifat, Menachem44
MONHEITEzzatpour, Shlomo45
A. WEISSBash, Avi46
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny47
GRODKOGrodko, Jeff48

Fall 2015
6782015-12-01Eli Dusowitz replaces Elchanan Shilian for the remainder of the Fall 2015 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZDusowitz, Eli
Shilian, Elchanan
6772015-10-27B. Davidowitz trades Kurland to Jablon for ManneB. DAVIDOWITZManne, Shaya
Kurland, Akiva
JABLONKurland, Akiva
Manne, Shaya
6762015-10-21Eyal Goldeberg replaces Norm Shafar for the remainder of the Fall 2015 Season.AZARGoldberg, Eyal
Shafar, Norm
6742015-10-13Joey Weiss replaces Evan Weinstein for the remainder of the Fall 2015 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZWeiss, Joey
Weinstein, Evan
6752015-10-13Adler trades Madnick to M. Davidowitz for HusarskyADLERHusarsky, Ari
Madnick, Akiva
M. DAVIDOWITZMadnick, Akiva
Husarsky, Ari
6712015-09-03Fall 2015 DraftADLEREngelberg, Yanky1
JABLONMann, Eli2
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
M. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan4
PINTERPinter, Chesky5
AZARAzar, Avi6
MORADIShilian, Avraham7
B. DAVIDOWITZIsrael, Israel8
B. DAVIDOWITZKurland, Akiva9
MORADIZavurov, Manny10
AZAREidelman, Sruly11
PINTERLebovics, Eli12
M. DAVIDOWITZMann, Teddy13
A. GRUBERMonheit, Ari14
JABLONManne, Shaya15
ADLERMadnick, Akiva16
ADLEREidelman, Ari17
JABLONJablon, Yitz18
A. GRUBERPines, Avi19
M. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari20
PINTERBurack, Yoni21
AZARGreenberg, Yaakov22
MORADIMoradi, Moshe23
B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy24
B. DAVIDOWITZKohn, Sruli25
MORADISobol, Ariel26
AZARWeiss, Avrumie27
PINTERWeiss, Yitzchak28
M. DAVIDOWITZShilian, Elchanan29
A. GRUBERSharf, Yossi30
JABLONWestreich, Elie31
ADLERHalpert, Mayer32
ADLERAdler, Yaakov33
JABLONMikhli, David34
A. GRUBERLasker, Eli35
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe36
PINTERPanzok, Aaron37
AZARShafar, Norm38
MORADILavian, Leor39
B. DAVIDOWITZArieh, Issac40
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny41
MORADIStern, Menachem42
AZARGrodko, Jeff43
PINTERFajiram, Isaac44
M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem45
A. GRUBERRahmanfar, Rabin46
JABLONLasry, Yehuda47
ADLERBash, Avi48

Spring 2015
6702015-05-12Aryeh Kaplan replaces Avrumie Weiss for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.MORADIKaplan, Aryeh
Weiss, Avrumie
6692015-05-05Barry Mann replaces Sruly Eidelman for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.KURLANDMann, Barry
Eidelman, Sruly
6672015-04-16B. Davidowitz trades Y. Weiss to Kahan for Lebovics.B. DAVIDOWITZLebovics, Eli
Weiss, Yitzchak
KAHANWeiss, Yitzchak
Lebovics, Eli
6662015-04-14Avi Bash replaces Benny Davidowitz for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZBash, Avi
Davidowitz, Benny
6612015-03-31Gruber trades Bitran to Kurland for GrodkoA. GRUBERGrodko, Jeff
Bitran, Roy
KURLANDBitran, Roy
Grodko, Jeff
6522015-03-27Kahan trades Weiss to M. Davidowitz for LebovicsKAHANLebovics, Eli
Weiss, Yitzchak
M. DAVIDOWITZWeiss, Yitzchak
Lebovics, Eli
6532015-03-27Shilian trades Abramson to Kurland for AriehA. SHILIANArieh, Issac
Abramson, Asher
KURLANDAbramson, Asher
Arieh, Issac
6542015-03-27Adler trades Monheit to B. Davidowitz for HusarskyADLERHusarsky, Ari
Monheit, Ari
Husarsky, Ari
6552015-03-27B. Davidowitz trades Monheit to M. Davidowitz for Y. WeissB. DAVIDOWITZWeiss, Yitzchak
Monheit, Ari
Weiss, Yitzchak
6562015-03-27Kurland trades Abramson to M. Davidowitz for MadnickKURLANDMadnick, Akiva
Abramson, Asher
M. DAVIDOWITZAbramson, Asher
Madnick, Akiva
6572015-03-27Kurland trades Lieberman to M. Davidowitz for GruenKURLANDGruen, Dovid
Lieberman, Zalmy
M. DAVIDOWITZLieberman, Zalmy
Gruen, Dovid
6582015-03-27Kurland trades Madnick to Gruber for AzarA. GRUBERMadnick, Akiva
Azar, Avi
Madnick, Akiva
6592015-03-27Kurland trades E. Shilian to Gruber for GrodkoA. GRUBERShilian, Elchanan
Grodko, Jeff
KURLANDGrodko, Jeff
Shilian, Elchanan
6602015-03-27Gruber trades E. Shilian to M. Davidowitz for BitranA. GRUBERBitran, Roy
Shilian, Elchanan
M. DAVIDOWITZShilian, Elchanan
Bitran, Roy
6482015-03-26Elchanan Shilian replaces Shaye Manne for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.KURLANDShilian, Elchanan
Manne, Shaya
6492015-03-26Zalmy Lieberman replaces Mayer Spilman for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.KURLANDLieberman, Zalmy
Spilman, Mayer
6502015-03-26Yitzchak Weiss replaces Ezra Ginsberg for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.KAHANWeiss, Yitzchak
Ginsberg, Ezra
6512015-03-26Asher Abramson replaces Chesky Rand for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.A. SHILIANAbramson, Asher
Rand, Chesky
6422015-02-24Kahan trades Rand to Shilian for GelbsteinA. SHILIANRand, Chesky
Gelbstein, Shua
KAHANGelbstein, Shua
Rand, Chesky
6392015-02-11Ruven Rahmanfar replaces Yakov Aszknazy for the remainder of the Spring 2015 Season.KAHANRahmanfar, Rabin
Aszknazy, Yakov
6412015-02-11Shilian trades Sharf to Kahan for RahmanfarA. SHILIANRahmanfar, Rabin
Sharf, Yossi
KAHANSharf, Yossi
Rahmanfar, Rabin
6352015-01-29Spring 2015 DraftMORADIEngelberg, Yanky1
KAHANKahan, Shlomie2
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
KURLANDKurland, Akiva4
ADLERStrobel, Elan5
M. DAVIDOWITZZavurov, Manny6
B. DAVIDOWITZIsrael, Israel7
A. SHILIANPinter, Chesky8
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham9
B. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari10
M. DAVIDOWITZLebovics, Eli11
ADLERWeiss, Joey12
KURLANDEidelman, Sruly13
A. GRUBERAzar, Avi14
KAHANBurack, Yoni15
MORADIJablon, Yitz16
MORADIMoradi, Moshe17
KAHANGinsberg, Ezra18
A. GRUBEREckhaus, Shimon19
KURLANDManne, Shaya20
ADLERMonheit, Ari21
M. DAVIDOWITZMadnick, Akiva22
A. SHILIANSharf, Yossi24
A. SHILIANBloorian, Moshe25
B. DAVIDOWITZKohn, Sruli26
M. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy27
ADLEREidelman, Ari28
KURLANDPanzok, Aaron29
A. GRUBERShafar, Norm30
KAHANAszknazy, Yakov31
MORADIWeiss, Avrumie32
MORADIShekoohinia, Eli33
KAHANHalpert, Mayer34
A. GRUBERStern, Menachem35
KURLANDArieh, Issac36
ADLERAdler, Yaakov37
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe38
B. DAVIDOWITZWestreich, Elie39
A. SHILIANGelbstein, Shua40
A. SHILIANLavian, Leor41
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny42
M. DAVIDOWITZGruen, Dovid43
ADLERMikhli, David44
KURLANDSpilman, Mayer45
A. GRUBERGrodko, Jeff46
KAHANRand, Chesky47
MORADILasry, Yehuda48

Fall 2014
6342014-12-09Menachem Tusk replaces Avi Fleisher for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.MORADITusk, Menachem
Fleisher, Avi
6292014-11-25Kurland trades Manne to Shilian for SulaymanovA. SHILIANManne, Shaya
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
KURLANDSulaymanov, Jeffrey
Manne, Shaya
6302014-11-25B. Davidowitz trades B. Mann to M. Davidowitz for BurackB. DAVIDOWITZBurack, Yoni
Mann, Barry
Burack, Yoni
6312014-11-25Yaakov Schulman replaces Jeffrey Sulaymanov for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.KURLANDSchulman, Yaakov
Sulaymanov, Jeffrey
6322014-11-25Elie Westreich replaces Sochi Majeski for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.HALPERTWestreich, Elie
Majeski, Sochi
6272014-11-18Kahan trades Mikhli to B. Davidowitz for PinesB. DAVIDOWITZMikhli, David
Pines, Avi
KAHANPines, Avi
Mikhli, David
6282014-11-18Jeffrey Sulaymanov replaces Evan Weinstein for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.A. SHILIANSulaymanov, Jeffrey
Weinstein, Evan
6262014-10-24Shilian trades Manne to Kurland for WeinsteinA. SHILIANWeinstein, Evan
Manne, Shaya
KURLANDManne, Shaya
Weinstein, Evan
6242014-09-30Leor Lavian replaces Yechiel Goldberg for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZLavian, Leor
Goldberg, Yechiel
6252014-09-30Shaya Manne replaces Meir Sabag for the remainder of the Fall 2014 Season.A. SHILIANManne, Shaya
Sabag, Meir
6202014-09-02Fall 2014 DraftM. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
KAHANKahan, Shlomie2
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
KURLANDKurland, Akiva4
MORADIFleisher, Avi5
A. SHILIANAzar, Avi6
HALPERTLebovics, Eli8
HALPERTEidelman, Sruly9
B. DAVIDOWITZPinter, Chesky10
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham11
MORADIZavurov, Manny12
KURLANDWeinstein, Evan13
A. GRUBERIsrael, Israel14
KAHANHusarsky, Ari15
M. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz16
M. DAVIDOWITZBurack, Yoni17
KAHANEckhaus, Shimon18
A. GRUBEREidelman, Ari19
KURLANDKohn, Sruli20
MORADIMoradi, Moshe21
A. SHILIANSabag, Meir22
B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy23
HALPERTShekoohinia, Eli24
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer25
A. SHILIANMonheit, Ari27
MORADIGinsberg, Ezra28
KURLANDArieh, Issac29
A. GRUBERSharf, Yossi30
KAHANAszknazy, Yakov31
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe32
M. DAVIDOWITZGoldberg, Yechiel33
KAHANMikhli, David34
A. GRUBERPanzok, Aaron35
KURLANDSpilman, Mayer36
MORADIRand, Chesky37
A. SHILIANWeiss, Avrumie38
B. DAVIDOWITZShafar, Norm39
HALPERTMajeski, Sochi40
HALPERTAdler, Yaakov41
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny42
A. SHILIANStern, Menachem43
MORADIFajiram, Isaac44
KURLANDGruen, Dovid45
A. GRUBEREinhorn, Gil46
KAHANGrodko, Jeff47
M. DAVIDOWITZLasry, Yehuda48

Spring 2014
6162014-03-02Yisroel Katz replaces Moshe Golomb for the remainder of the Spring 2014 Season. BITRANKatz, Yisroel
Golomb, Moshe
6132014-01-26Eli Lebovics replaces Sam Geffner for the remainder of the Spring 2014 Season.BITRANLebovics, Eli
Geffner, Sam
6072014-01-08Weinstein trades A. Fleisher & Pines to Kahan for Y. Gruber & WeinbergerKAHANFleisher, Avi
Pines, Avi
Gruber, Yitzchok
Weinberger, Sruly
WEINSTEINGruber, Yitzchok
Weinberger, Sruly
Fleisher, Avi
Pines, Avi
6062013-12-30Spring 2014B. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva2
KAHANKahan, Shlomie3
M. DAVIDOWITZIsrael, Israel4
KURLANDKurland, Akiva5
HALPERTFleisher, Yaakov6
WEINSTEINWeinstein, Evan7
BITRANAzar, Avi8
WEINSTEINFleisher, Avi10
HALPERTShilian, Avraham11
KURLANDEidelman, Sruly12
M. DAVIDOWITZPinter, Chesky13
KAHANGruber, Yitzchok14
A. GRUBERRuklenko, Aron15
B. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari16
B. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz17
A. GRUBERZavurov, Manny18
KAHANWeinberger, Sruly19
M. DAVIDOWITZMadnick, Akiva20
KURLANDMoradi, Moshe21
HALPERTMonheit, Ari22
BITRANBitran, Roy24
BITRANGolomb, Moshe25
HALPERTHalpert, Mayer27
KURLANDLerer, Daniel28
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe29
KAHANEckhaus, Shimon30
A. GRUBERPanzok, Aaron31
B. DAVIDOWITZShilian, Elchanan32
B. DAVIDOWITZSharf, Yossi33
A. GRUBERAdler, Yaakov34
KAHANKonig, Yehoshua35
M. DAVIDOWITZEinhorn, Gil36
KURLANDEidelman, Ari37
HALPERTShafar, Norm38
WEINSTEINSpilman, Mayer39
BITRANTaub, Ari40
BITRANGruen, Dovid41
WEINSTEINGrodko, Jeff42
HALPERTSchwartz, Mordy43
KURLANDYifat, Menachem44
M. DAVIDOWITZSzanzer, Yekusiel45
KAHANMajeski, Sochi46
A. GRUBERStern, Menachem47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Fall 2013
5962013-10-20Dovid Skolnick replaces Jack Aronbayev for the remainder of the Fall 2013 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZSkolnick, Dovid
Aronbayev, Jack
5942013-10-06Aron Ruklenko replaces Moshe Davidowitz for the remainder of the Fall 2013 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZRuklenko, Aron
Davidowitz, Moshe
5902013-09-10Aaron Panzok replaces Moshe Weiss for the remainder of the Fall 2013 Season.KAHANPanzok, Aaron
Weiss, Moshe
5892013-09-08Eli Schwartz replaces Shlomo Levy for the remainder of the Fall 2013 Season.SHARFSchwartz, Eli
Levi, Shlomo
5882013-09-03Fall 2013M. DAVIDOWITZFleisher, Yaakov1
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva3
PINTERPinter, Chesky4
KAHANKahan, Shlomie5
SHARFWeinstein, Evan6
BITRANIsrael, Israel7
ADLERFleisher, Avi8
ADLERMann, Teddy9
BITRANAzar, Avi10
SHARFKurland, Akiva11
KAHANShilian, Avraham12
PINTERLyampe, Aryeh13
A. GRUBERGruber, Yitzchok14
B. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari15
M. DAVIDOWITZMadnick, Akiva16
M. DAVIDOWITZGruber, Moshe17
B. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz18
A. GRUBERMilner, Moshe19
PINTERMoradi, Moshe20
KAHANShafar, Norm21
SHARFStadler, Paul22
BITRANBitran, Roy23
ADLERWeinberger, Sruly24
ADLERAdler, Yaakov25
BITRANPines, Avi26
SHARFSharf, Yossi27
KAHANZavurov, Manny28
PINTERGruen, Dovid29
A. GRUBEREidelman, Sruly30
B. DAVIDOWITZGolomb, Moshe31
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe32
M. DAVIDOWITZSchwartz, Mordy33
B. DAVIDOWITZAronbayev, Jack34
A. GRUBERTaub, Ari35
PINTERHalpert, Mayer36
KAHANWeiss, Moshe37
SHARFLevi, Shlomo38
BITRANRubin, Eli39
ADLERFuchs, Avi40
ADLERShilian, Elchanan41
BITRANSpilman, Mayer42
SHARFYifat, Menachem43
KAHANGrodko, Jeff44
PINTERStern, Menachem45
A. GRUBERMajeski, Sochi46
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny47
M. DAVIDOWITZSharf, Moishey48

Spring 2013
5832013-05-14David Hindi replaces Michael Mann for the remainder of the Spring 2013 Season. ADLERHindy, David
Mann, Michael
5762013-03-12Fuchs trades Rubin to A. Shilian for Horowitz.A. SHILIANRubin, Eli
Horowitz, Eli
FUCHSHorowitz, Eli
Rubin, Eli
5752013-02-28Fuchs trades B. Mann to Pinter for Weinberger.FUCHSWeinberger, Sruly
Mann, Barry
PINTERMann, Barry
Weinberger, Sruly

Fall 2012
5672012-11-25Bitran trades Kahan and Lerner to M. Davidowitz for Israel and WeinbergerBITRANIsrael, Israel
Weinberger, Sruly
Kahan, Shlomie
Lerner, Shloime
M. DAVIDOWITZKahan, Shlomie
Lerner, Shloime
Israel, Israel
Weinberger, Sruly
5702012-11-25Moshe Moradi replaces Yossi Newman for the remainder of the Fall 2012 Season.BITRANMoradi, Moshe
Newman, Yossi
5592012-08-29Fall 2012 DraftB. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
BITRANKahan, Shlomie2
J. WEINSTEINPinter, Chesky3
SHARFGruber, Akiva4
A. SHILIANFleisher, Avi5
M. DAVIDOWITZIsrael, Israel6
MILNERTreitel, Zalmy7
ADLERWeinstein, Evan8
ADLERHusarsky, Ari9
MILNERAzar, Avi10
M. DAVIDOWITZWeinberger, Sruly11
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham12
SHARFKurland, Akiva13
J. WEINSTEINWeinstein, Joey14
BITRANLerner, Shloime15
B. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz16
B. DAVIDOWITZSinger, Shlomo Tzvi17
BITRANBitran, Roy18
J. WEINSTEINHershkovich, Howie19
SHARFMann, Teddy20
A. SHILIANHorowitz, Eli21
M. DAVIDOWITZRalbag, Gavriel22
MILNERMilner, Moshe23
ADLERHalpert, Mayer24
ADLERAdler, Yaakov25
MILNERLevi, Shlomo26
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe27
A. SHILIANShilian, Ely28
SHARFSharf, Yossi29
J. WEINSTEINMadnick, Akiva30
BITRANNewman, Yossi31
B. DAVIDOWITZGolomb, Moshe32
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua33
BITRANRubin, Eli34
J. WEINSTEINKorngold, Chaim35
SHARFTaub, Ari36
A. SHILIANFuchs, Avi37
M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem38
MILNERAronbayev, Jack39
ADLERShafar, Norm40
ADLERGrodko, Jeff41
MILNERStahler, Shalom42
M. DAVIDOWITZSchonfeld, Yitzi43
A. SHILIANMajeski, Sochi44
SHARFStern, Menachem45
J. WEINSTEINSelzer, Shmully46
BITRANAugenstein, Duvi47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Spring 2012
5442012-02-23Aron Dombroff replaces Aaron Sacks for the remainder of the Spring 2012 Season.KURLANDDombroff, Aron
Sacks, Aaron
5452012-02-23B. Davidowitz trades Fuchs to Kurland for Dombroff.B. DAVIDOWITZDombroff, Aron
Fuchs, Avi
Dombroff, Aron
5412012-02-06Mayer Halpert replaces Leibe Leichter for the remainder of the Spring 2012 Season.PINESHalpert, Mayer
Leichter, Leibe
5402012-01-23Bitran trades Levi to Pines for Stahler.BITRANStahler, Shalom
Levi, Shlomo
PINESLevi, Shlomo
Stahler, Shalom

Fall 2011
5342011-10-24Jablon trades Rand to Pines for Cohen.JABLONCohen, Ophier
Rand, Nachi
PINESRand, Nachi
Cohen, Ophier
5302011-09-26M. Davidowitz trades Levi to Pines for Majeski.M. DAVIDOWITZMajeski, Sochi
Levi, Shlomo
PINESLevi, Shlomo
Majeski, Sochi
5312011-09-26Howie Hershkovich replaces Teddy Mann for the remainder of the Fall 2011 Season.SHARFHershkovich, Howie
Mann, Teddy
5252011-08-24Fall 2011 DraftPINESMann, Eli1
JABLONAzar, Avi2
SHAULIAmzallag, Jonathan3
SCHONFELDGruber, Akiva4
SHARFKahan, Shlomie5
B. DAVIDOWITZPinter, Chesky6
KURLANDKurland, Akiva7
M. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan8
M. DAVIDOWITZShilian, Avraham9
KURLANDPinter, Moshe10
B. DAVIDOWITZFleisher, Avi11
SHARFTreitel, Zalmy12
SCHONFELDHusarsky, Ari13
SHAULIRuvel, Menachem14
JABLONJablon, Yitz15
PINESKimerling, Chesky16
PINESPines, Avi17
JABLONRave, Avi18
SHAULITenenbaum, Shneur19
SCHONFELDWeinberger, Sruly20
SHARFMann, Teddy21
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey22
KURLANDStahler, Shalom23
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe24
M. DAVIDOWITZMilner, Moshe25
KURLANDNewman, Yossi26
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua27
SHARFSharf, Yossi28
SCHONFELDBitran, Roy29
SHAULIShauli, Saul30
JABLONFuchs, Avi31
PINESCohen, Ophier32
PINESYifat, Menachem33
JABLONRand, Nachi34
SHAULISacks, Aaron35
SCHONFELDSchonfeld, Yitzi36
SHARFAronbayev, Jack37
B. DAVIDOWITZGolomb, Moshe38
KURLANDTaub, Ari39
M. DAVIDOWITZLevi, Shlomo40
M. DAVIDOWITZGrodko, Jeff41
KURLANDStern, Menachem42
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny43
SHARFAdler, Yaakov44
SCHONFELDAugenstein, Duvi45
SHAULIShafar, Norm46
JABLONLanger, Chaim47
PINESMajeski, Sochi48

Spring 2011
5232011-03-27Yitzchak Friedman replaces Simcha Rosner for the remainder of the Spring 2011 Season.HIKINDFriedman, Yitzchak
Rosner, Simcha
5102011-02-28Shauli trades Pupko, Grodko & Stern to Adler for Cohen, Rave & Gelbstein.ADLERGrodko, Jeff
Pupko, Yisroel
Stern, Menachem
Cohen, Ophier
Gelbstein, Shua
Rave, Avi
SHAULICohen, Ophier
Gelbstein, Shua
Rave, Avi
Grodko, Jeff
Pupko, Yisroel
Stern, Menachem
5112011-02-28Shauli trades C. Pinter to M. Davidowitz for Simcha.M. DAVIDOWITZPinter, Chesky
Simcha, Mike
SHAULISimcha, Mike
Pinter, Chesky
5122011-02-28Shauli trades Gelbstein to Pines for ElmozninoPINESGelbstein, Shua
Elmoznino, Dan
SHAULIElmoznino, Dan
Gelbstein, Shua
5092011-02-16Avi Rave replaces Sholom Kindil for the remainder of the Spring 2011 Season.ADLERRave, Avi
Kindil, Sholom
5082011-02-06Roy Bitran replaces Yonni Serfaty for the remainder of the Spring 2011 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy
Serfaty, Yonni
5052011-01-24Menachem Ruvel replaces Ido Dotan for the remainder of the Spring 2011 Season.ADLERRuvel, Menachem
Dotan, Ido
5042010-12-16Spring 2011 DraftB. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
SHARFKahan, Shlomie2
A. SHILIANGruber, Akiva3
PINESHabibo, Simon5
HIKINDRosner, Simcha6
SHAULIAmzallag, Jonathan7
ADLERDotan, Ido8
ADLERFleisher, Avi9
SHAULIPinter, Chesky10
HIKINDKurland, Akiva11
PINESHusarsky, Ari12
M. DAVIDOWITZSimcha, Mike13
A. SHILIANTreitel, Zalmy14
SHARFWeiss, Shiye15
B. DAVIDOWITZMann, Teddy16
B. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz17
SHARFPinter, Moshe18
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham19
M. DAVIDOWITZGolomb, Moshe20
PINESPines, Avi21
HIKINDHikind, Shmuel22
SHAULIPupko, Yisroel23
ADLERCohen, Ophier24
ADLERAdler, Yaakov25
SHAULIShauli, Saul26
HIKINDSamet, Shaya27
PINESElmoznino, Dan28
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe29
A. SHILIANShilian, Ely30
SHARFSharf, Yossi31
B. DAVIDOWITZSerfaty, Yonni32
B. DAVIDOWITZRubin, Sinai33
SHARFNewman, Yossi34
A. SHILIANWeinstein, Joey35
M. DAVIDOWITZRalbag, Gavriel36
PINESYifat, Menachem37
HIKINDLanger, Chaim38
SHAULIStern, Menachem39
ADLERGelbstein, Shua40
ADLERKindil, Sholom41
SHAULIGrodko, Jeff42
HIKINDSchonfeld, Yitzi43
PINESMajeski, Sochi44
M. DAVIDOWITZAugenstein, Duvi45
A. SHILIANPerl, Mendy46
SHARFOrbach, Yitzy47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Fall 2010
5022010-11-14Yonni Serfaty replaces Evan Weinstein for the remainder of the Fall 2010 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZSerfaty, Yonni
4982010-10-22M .Davidowitz trades Nachum and Pupko to Amzallag for Habibo and Elmoznino.AMZALLAGElmoznino, Dan
Habibo, Simon
Nachum, Aviran
Pupko, Yisroel
M. DAVIDOWITZNachum, Aviran
Pupko, Yisroel
Elmoznino, Dan
Habibo, Simon
4952010-10-13Dan Elmoznino replaces Moshe Davidowitz for the remainder of the Fall 2010 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZElmoznino, Dan
Davidowitz, Moshe
4092010-08-09JABLONMann, Eli1
M. DAVIDOWITZMann, Michael2
A. SHILIANKahan, Shlomie3
B. MANNAzar, Avi4
AMZALLAGAmzallag, Jonathan5
B. DAVIDOWITZPinter, Chesky6
A. GRUBERDotan, Ido7
MOSESMoses, Eli8
MOSESRosner, Simcha9
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva10
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan11
AMZALLAGNachum, Aviran12
B. MANNMann, Barry13
A. SHILIANKurland, Akiva14
M. DAVIDOWITZHabibo, Simon15
JABLONFleisher, Avi16
JABLONJablon, Yitz17
M. DAVIDOWITZSimcha, Mike18
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham19
B. MANNTreitel, Zalmy20
AMZALLAGPupko, Yisroel21
B. DAVIDOWITZWeiss, Shiye22
A. GRUBERMann, Teddy23
MOSESHusarsky, Ari24
MOSESPines, Avi25
A. GRUBERHikind, Shmuel26
B. DAVIDOWITZNewman, Yossi27
AMZALLAGShauli, Saul28
B. MANNSamet, Shaya29
A. SHILIANRubin, Sinai30
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe31
JABLONShilian, Ely32
JABLONKindil, Sholom33
M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem34
A. SHILIANGrodko, Jeff35
B. MANNTeitelbaum, Tzvi36
AMZALLAGSharf, Yossi37
B. DAVIDOWITZCiment, Yoel38
A. GRUBERStern, Menachem39
MOSESLanger, Chaim40
MOSESSchonfeld, Yitzi41
A. GRUBERAdler, Yaakov42
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny43
AMZALLAGMajeski, Sochi44
B. MANNPerl, Mendy45
A. SHILIANAugenstein, Duvi46
M. DAVIDOWITZOrbach, Yitzy47
JABLONSpiegel, Shmulie48

Spring 2010
4042010-04-12Saul Shauli replaces Yaakov Adler for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.ADLERShauli, Saul
Adler, Yaakov
4032010-03-15Tzvi Teitelbaum replaces Zevi Nevo for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZTeitelbaum, Tzvi
Nevo, Zevi
3952010-02-07Yonni Serfaty replaces Steve Crystal for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.DOMBROFFSerfaty, Yonni
Crystal, Steve
3942010-02-01Zevi Nevo replaces Benny Davidowitz for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZNevo, Zevi
Davidowitz, Benny
3932010-01-31Ely Shilian replaces Gavriel Ralbag for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.A. SHILIANShilian, Ely
Ralbag, Gavriel
3922010-01-23Duvi Augenstein replaces Assaf Sarig for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.B. MANNAugenstein, Duvi
Sarig, Assaf
3882010-01-11Simon Habibo replaces Evan Weinstein for the remainder of the Spring 2010 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZHabibo, Simon
Weinstein, Evan
3872009-12-28AMZALLAGMann, Eli1
JABLONMann, Michael2
ADLERAzar, Avi3
A. SHILIANKahan, Shlomie4
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan5
DOMBROFFRosner, Simcha6
B. MANNWeiss, Shiye7
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva8
A. GRUBERPinter, Chesky9
B. MANNMoses, Eli10
DOMBROFFRubin, Sinai11
B. DAVIDOWITZMann, Barry12
A. SHILIANKurland, Akiva13
ADLERDotan, Ido14
JABLONFleisher, Avi15
AMZALLAGAmzallag, Jonathan16
AMZALLAGSimcha, Mike17
JABLONJablon, Yitz18
ADLERHusarsky, Ari19
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham20
B. DAVIDOWITZPupko, Yisroel21
DOMBROFFDombroff, David22
B. MANNNewman, Yossi23
A. GRUBERLandsman, Ira24
A. GRUBERVaiselberg, Eli25
B. MANNPines, Avi26
DOMBROFFKindil, Sholom27
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe28
A. SHILIANRalbag, Gavriel29
ADLERHikind, Shmuel30
JABLONBitran, Roy31
AMZALLAGGilad, David32
AMZALLAGGrodko, Jeff33
JABLONSamet, Shaya34
ADLERAdler, Yaakov35
A. SHILIANTaub, Ari36
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua37
DOMBROFFCrystal, Steve38
B. MANNYifat, Menachem39
A. GRUBEROrbach, Yitzy40
A. GRUBERPerl, Mendy41
B. MANNSarig, Assaf42
DOMBROFFSpiegel, Shmulie43
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny44
A. SHILIANStern, Menachem45
ADLERCiment, Yoel46
JABLONSchonfeld, Yitzi47
AMZALLAGMajeski, Sochi48

Fall 2009
3862009-11-15Sinai Rubin replaces Uri Mond for the remainder of the Fall 2009 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZRubin, Sinai
Mond, Uri
3852009-11-09David Gilad replaces Haim Setton for the remainder of the Fall 2009 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZGilad, David
Setton, Haim
3832009-10-21Menachem Stern replaces Worch for the remainder of the Fall 2009 Season.AMZALLAGStern, Menachem
Worch, Mendy
3812009-10-14Amzallag trades Pupko and Senderowitz to Newman for B. Mann and Worch.AMZALLAGMann, Barry
Worch, Mendy
Pupko, Yisroel
Senderowitz, Ari
B. MANNPupko, Yisroel
Senderowitz, Ari
Mann, Barry
Worch, Mendy
3782009-09-10Amzallag trades Setton to B. Davidowitz for Ralbag.AMZALLAGRalbag, Gavriel
Setton, Haim
Ralbag, Gavriel
3792009-09-10Shaya Samet replaces Mike Simcha for the remainder of the Fall 2009 Season.ADLERSamet, Shaya
Simcha, Mike
3762009-09-09Dovid Stein replaces Aviran Nachum for the remainder of the Fall 2009 Season.B. MANNStein, Dovid
Nachum, Aviran

Spring 2009
3682009-03-16B. Mann trades Kindel to B. Davidowitz for Senderowitz.B. DAVIDOWITZKindil, Sholom
Senderowitz, Ari
B. MANNSenderowitz, Ari
Kindil, Sholom
3692009-03-16Y. Sharf trades Sabo to B. Mann for Husarsky.B. MANNSabo, Dani
Husarsky, Ari
SHARFHusarsky, Ari
Sabo, Dani
3612009-02-22Haim Setton replaces injured Richie Hauptman for the remainder of the Spring 2009 Season.JABLONSetton, Haim
Hauptman, Richie
3622009-02-22Mendy Worch replaces Joey Weinstein for the remainder of the Spring 2009 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZWorch, Mendy
Weinstein, Joey
3602009-02-14Y. Sharf trades Amzallag to M. Sharf for Nachum.M. SHARFAmzallag, Jonathan
Nachum, Aviran
SHARFNachum, Aviran
Amzallag, Jonathan
3592009-02-10Y. Sharf trades Weiss and Majesky to B. Davidowitz for E. Weinstein and Pupko.B. DAVIDOWITZMajeski, Sochi
Weiss, Shiye
Pupko, Yisroel
Weinstein, Evan
SHARFPupko, Yisroel
Weinstein, Evan
Majeski, Sochi
Weiss, Shiye
3582009-02-08Yossi Sutton replaces injured Yossi Golshan for the remainder of the Spring 2009 Season.M. SHARFSutton, Yossi
Golshan, Yossi
3572009-01-15Menachem Barnett replaces Jake Goldberg for the remainder of the Spring 2009 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZBarnett, Menachem
Goldberg, Jake
3542008-12-17Spring 2009 DraftM. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
JABLONAzar, Avi2
DOMBROFFMann, Michael3
GELBSTEINPinter, Chesky4
M. SHARFGolshan, Yossi5
B. MANNKahan, Shlomie7
SHARFWeiss, Shiye8
SHARFAmzallag, Jonathan9
B. MANNMann, Barry10
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan11
M. SHARFNachum, Aviran12
DOMBROFFDombroff, David14
JABLONMoses, Eli15
M. DAVIDOWITZNewman, Yossi16
M. DAVIDOWITZFleisher, Avi17
JABLONJablon, Yitz18
DOMBROFFRosner, Simcha19
GELBSTEINSimcha, Mike20
M. SHARFPines, Avi21
B. DAVIDOWITZPupko, Yisroel22
B. MANNHusarsky, Ari23
SHARFSharf, Yossi24
SHARFSabo, Dani25
B. MANNKindil, Sholom26
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey27
M. SHARFRalbag, Gavriel28
GELBSTEINGelbstein, Shua29
DOMBROFFBitran, Roy30
JABLONSchonfeld, Yitzi31
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe32
JABLONHauptman, Richie34
DOMBROFFCrystal, Steve35
GELBSTEINVolkowitz, Benyamin36
M. SHARFLevi37
B. DAVIDOWITZSenderowitz, Ari38
B. MANNKupferstein, Avrumy39
SHARFMajeski, Sochi40
SHARFYifat, Menachem41
B. MANNAdler, Yaakov42
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny43
M. SHARFSharf, Moishey44
GELBSTEINSacks, Aaron45
DOMBROFFCiment, Yossi46
JABLONGrodko, Jeff47
M. DAVIDOWITZGoldberg, Jake48

Fall 2008
3502008-10-26Johnathan Amzallag replaces Jackie Bitran for the remainder of the Fall 2008 Season.JABLONAmzallag, Jonathan
Bitran, Jackie
3492008-10-06Jablon trades A. Newman to Adler for CrystalADLERNewman, Avi
Crystal, Steve
JABLONCrystal, Steve
Newman, Avi
3482008-09-11Hershkowitz trades A. Newman to Jablon for VoklkowitzHERSHKOWITZVolkowitz, Benyamin
Newman, Avi
JABLONNewman, Avi
Volkowitz, Benyamin
3442008-08-25Shiye Weiss replaces injured Akiva Gruber for the remainder of the Fall 2008 Season.GELBSTEINWeiss, Shiye
Gruber, Akiva
3432008-06-16Fall 2008 - DraftB. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
M. SHARFMann, Teddy2
SHARFAzar, Avi3
GELBSTEINGruber, Akiva4
M. DAVIDOWITZKahan, Shlomie5
JABLONWeinstein, Evan7
ADLERGolshan, Yossi8
ADLERDombroff, David9
JABLONBitran, Jackie10
HERSHKOWITZMann, Michael11
M. DAVIDOWITZFleisher, Avi12
GELBSTEINRosner, Simcha13
SHARFNachum, Aviran14
M. SHARFHusarsky, Ari15
M. SHARFMendelson, Brian18
SHARFPines, Avi19
GELBSTEINNewman, Yossi20
M. DAVIDOWITZKindil, Sholom21
HERSHKOWITZWeinstein, Joey22
JABLONJablon, Yitz23
ADLERSenderowitz, Ari24
ADLERAdler, Yaakov25
JABLONVolkowitz, Benyamin26
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe28
GELBSTEINGelbstein, Shua29
SHARFSharf, Yossi30
M. SHARFSchonfeld, Yitzi31
B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy33
M. SHARFRalbag, Gavriel34
SHARFGrodko, Jeff35
GELBSTEINPerl, Mendy36
M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem37
HERSHKOWITZKupferstein, Avrumy38
JABLONCiment, Yoel39
ADLERSacks, Aaron40
ADLERCrystal, Steve41
JABLONSarig, Assaf42
HERSHKOWITZHershkowitz, Abe43
M. DAVIDOWITZGoldberg, Jake44
GELBSTEINMajeski, Sochi45
SHARFCiment, Yossi46
M. SHARFSharf, Moishey47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Spring 2008
3412008-04-15Michael Mann replaces injured Eli Mann for the remainder of the Spring 2008 Season.ADLERMann, Michael
Mann, Eli
3302008-02-26Y. Sharf trades Hersko to M. Davidowitz for SacksM. DAVIDOWITZHersko, Yitzi
Sacks, Aaron
SHARFSacks, Aaron
Hersko, Yitzi
3292008-02-12Gruber trades Moses to B. Davidowitz for RosnerA. GRUBERRosner, Simcha
Moses, Eli
Rosner, Simcha
3152008-01-13Aaron Sacks replaces injured Yoel Ciment for the remainder of the Spring 2008 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZSacks, Aaron
Ciment, Yoel
3142008-01-08Gavriel Ralbag replaces injured Yaakov Adler for the remainder of the Spring 2008 Season.ADLERRalbag, Gavriel
Adler, Yaakov
3132007-12-30Shloimy Kahan replaces Mike Simcha for the remainder of the Spring 2008 Season.B. MANNKahan, Shlomie
Simcha, Mike
3122007-12-27Spring 2007 - DraftADLERMann, Eli1
SCHONFELDGolshan, Yossi3
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva4
B. MANNMann, Barry5
SHARFWeinstein, Evan6
M. DAVIDOWITZMerenstein, Nissi7
AZARBitran, Jackie8
AZARAzar, Avi9
M. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari10
SHARFNachum, Aviran11
B. MANNSimcha, Mike12
A. GRUBERMoses, Eli13
SCHONFELDKojoher, Jonathan14
B. DAVIDOWITZRosner, Simcha15
ADLERMond, Uri16
ADLERFleisher, Avi17
SCHONFELDSchonfeld, Yitzi19
A. GRUBERDombroff, David20
B. MANNJablon, Yitz21
SHARFKindil, Sholom22
M. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey23
AZARBitran, Roy24
AZARVolkowitz, Benyamin25
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe26
SHARFSharf, Yossi27
B. MANNSenderowitz, Ari28
A. GRUBERNewman, Yossi29
SCHONFELDGruen, Dovid30
B. DAVIDOWITZBensinger, Ari31
ADLERAdler, Yaakov32
ADLERKupferstein, Avrumy33
B. DAVIDOWITZKupferstein, Moshe34
SCHONFELDGoldberg, Jake35
A. GRUBERPerl, Mendy36
B. MANNYifat, Menachem37
SHARFHersko, Yitzi38
M. DAVIDOWITZGrodko, Jeff39
AZARCrystal, Steve40
AZARCiment, Yossi41
M. DAVIDOWITZCiment, Yoel42
SHARFHershkowitz, Abe43
B. MANNSarig, Assaf44
A. GRUBERSharf, Moishey45
SCHONFELDMajeski, Sochi46
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny47
ADLERMinkoff, Yisroel48

Fall 2007
3112007-11-25Barry Mann replaces injured Teddy Mann for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season.B. MANNMann, Barry
Mann, Teddy
3002007-11-06Chaim Eisen replaces Ari Reiser for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season.ADLEREisen, Chaim
Reiser, Ari
2962007-10-07Avrumy Kupferstein replaces injured Levi Eichenstein for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season.SHARFKupferstein, Avrumy
2982007-10-07Avraham Fleisher replaces injured Jackie Bitran for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season. A. GRUBERFleisher, Avi
Bitran, Jackie
2942007-09-19Yakov Rekant replaces injured Simcha Hersh for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season.SHARFRekant, Yakov
Hersh, Simcha
2902007-09-17Jonathan Kojoher replaces injured Barry Mann for the remainder of the Fall 2007 Season.SCHONFELDKojoher, Jonathan
Mann, Barry
2892007-08-01Hershkowitz trades Mendelson to T. Mann for AzarB. MANNMendelson, Brian
Azar, Avi
Mendelson, Brian
2882007-07-12B. DAVIDOWITZGolshan, Yossi1
B. MANNMann, Teddy3
M. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan4
ADLERMann, Eli5
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva6
SHARFReich, Shlomo8
SHARFHersh, Simcha9
A. GRUBERBitran, Jackie11
ADLERSimcha, Mike12
M. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari13
B. MANNRosner, Simcha14
HERSHKOWITZMendelson, Brian15
HERSHKOWITZKindil, Sholom18
B. MANNAzar, Avi19
M. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua20
ADLERAdler, Yaakov21
A. GRUBERDombroff, David22
SCHONFELDJablon, Yitz23
SHARFNewman, Yossi24
SHARFSharf, Yossi25
SCHONFELDGruen, Dovid26
A. GRUBERVolkowitz, Benyamin27
ADLERBensinger, Ari28
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe29
B. MANNBitran, Roy30
B. DAVIDOWITZPerl, Mendy32
B. DAVIDOWITZKupferstein, Moshe33
HERSHKOWITZHershkowitz, Abe34
B. MANNGoldberg, Jake35
M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem36
ADLERReiser, Ari37
A. GRUBERSarig, Assaf38
SCHONFELDSchonfeld, Yitzi39
SHARFCiment, Yossi41
SCHONFELDHersko, Yitzi42
A. GRUBERCiment, Yoel43
ADLERCrystal, Steve44
M. DAVIDOWITZMajeski, Sochi45
B. MANNSharf, Moishey46
HERSHKOWITZMinkoff, Yisroel47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Spring 2007
2872007-05-13Menachem Yifet replaces injured Joey Weinstein for the remainder of the Spring 2007 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZYifat, Menachem
Weinstein, Joey
2862007-04-19Noah Mann replaces injured Zvi Schnur for the remainder of the Spring 2007 Season.SCHONFELD (OLD)Mann, Noah
Schnur, Zvi
2842007-04-17Y. Sharf trades Jablon to B. Mann for EichensteinSCHONFELDJablon, Yitz
Jablon, Yitz
2852007-04-17M. Davidowitz trades Schnur to Husarsky for Y. SchonfeldM. DAVIDOWITZSchonfeld, Yitzi
Schnur, Zvi
Schonfeld, Yitzi
2832007-04-15Joey Weinstein replaces injured Eli Golshan for the remainder of the Spring 2007 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey
Golshan, Eli
2792007-03-20Mendelson trades Kindel to Y. Schonfeld for KupfersteinMENDELSONKupferstein, Moshe
Kindil, Sholom
SCHONFELD (OLD)Kindil, Sholom
Kupferstein, Moshe
2772007-03-11David Dombroff replaces injured Aron Dombroff for the remainder of the Spring 2007 Season.SHARFDombroff, David
Dombroff, Aron
2702007-02-01Spring 2007 - DraftM. DAVIDOWITZMann, Teddy1
SHARFReich, Shlomo2
SCHONFELD (OLD)Golshan, Yossi3
ADLERMann, Eli4
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva5
MENDELSONMendelson, Brian6
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan7
SCHONFELDBitran, Jackie8
B. DAVIDOWITZHersh, Simcha10
A. GRUBERSpitz, Moshe12
ADLERRosner, Simcha13
SCHONFELD (OLD)Husarsky, Ari14
SHARFDombroff, Aron15
M. DAVIDOWITZSchnur, Zvi16
M. DAVIDOWITZGolshan, Eli17
SHARFJablon, Yitz18
SCHONFELD (OLD)Schonfeld, Yitzi19
ADLERGruen, Dovid20
A. GRUBERMond, Uri21
MENDELSONKindil, Sholom22
B. DAVIDOWITZParitzky, Yoni23
SCHONFELDGelbstein, Shua24
B. DAVIDOWITZVolkowitz, Benyamin26
MENDELSONBensinger, Ari27
A. GRUBERNewman, Yossi28
ADLERAdler, Yaakov29
SCHONFELD (OLD)Kupferstein, Moshe30
SHARFSharf, Yossi31
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe32
M. DAVIDOWITZHersko, Yitzi33
SHARFCrystal, Steve34
SCHONFELD (OLD)Reiser, Ari35
ADLERGrodko, Jeff36
A. GRUBERSarig, Assaf37
MENDELSONBitran, Roy38
B. DAVIDOWITZSchonfeld, Avrumi39
SCHONFELDGoldberg, Jake40
SCHONFELDHershkowitz, Abe41
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny42
MENDELSONSharf, Moishey43
A. GRUBERPerl, Mendy44
ADLERMajeski, Sochi45
SCHONFELD (OLD)Ciment, Yossi46
SHARFSchwartz, Elie47
M. DAVIDOWITZMinkoff, Yisroel48

Fall 2006
2692006-12-10Yanky Engelberg replaces Chesky Pinter for the remainder of the Fall 2006 Season.SCHONFELD (OLD)Engelberg, Yanky
Pinter, Chesky
2682006-12-09Ari Reiser replaces injured Richie Hauptman for the remainder of the Fall 2006 Season.REICHReiser, Ari
Hauptman, Richie
2672006-11-30Yisroel Minkoff replaces injured Aaron Sacks for the remainder of the Fall 2006 Season.REICHMinkoff, Yisroel
Sacks, Aaron
2612006-11-02Gelbstein trades Benoliel & A. Schonfeld to B. Davidowitz for Schnur & GruenB. DAVIDOWITZBenoliel, Nissim
Schonfeld, Avrumi
Gruen, Dovid
Schnur, Zvi
BENOLIELGruen, Dovid
Schnur, Zvi
Benoliel, Nissim
Schonfeld, Avrumi
2442006-08-07Fall 2006 - DraftB. DAVIDOWITZGolshan, Yossi1
SCHONFELD (OLD)Pinter, Chesky3
BENOLIELMann, Barry4
MENDELSONMendelson, Brian5
ADLERWeinstein, Evan6
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva7
REICHReich, Shlomo8
REICHBitran, Jackie9
A. GRUBERHersh, Simcha10
ADLERMann, Eli11
MENDELSONHusarsky, Ari12
BENOLIELBenoliel, Nissim13
SCHONFELD (OLD)Rosner, Simcha14
M. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz15
B. DAVIDOWITZSchnur, Zvi16
B. DAVIDOWITZVolkowitz, Benyamin17
M. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Roy18
BENOLIELParitzky, Yoni20
MENDELSONFriedlander, Arik21
ADLERAdler, Yaakov22
A. GRUBERBensinger, Ari23
REICHHauptman, Richie24
REICHKindil, Sholom25
A. GRUBERNewman, Yossi26
ADLERKupferstein, Moshe27
MENDELSONGrodko, Jeff28
BENOLIELGelbstein, Shua29
SCHONFELD (OLD)Schonfeld, Yitzi30
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe31
B. DAVIDOWITZGruen, Dovid32
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny33
M. DAVIDOWITZPerl, Mendy34
SCHONFELD (OLD)Ciment, Yoel35
BENOLIELSchonfeld, Avrumi36
MENDELSONGoldberg, Jake37
REICHMajeski, Sochi40
REICHSacks, Aaron41
A. GRUBERHersko, Yitzi42
ADLERCiment, Yossi43
MENDELSONSarig, Assaf44
BENOLIELCrystal, Steve45
SCHONFELD (OLD)Hershkowitz, Abe46
M. DAVIDOWITZMoskowitz, Moishe47
B. DAVIDOWITZSchwartz, Elie48

Spring 2006
2422006-04-29Sochi Majesky replaces injured Tzvi Traube for the remainder of the Spring 2006 Season.SCHONFELD (OLD)Majeski, Sochi
Traube, Tzvi
2432006-04-29Yitzi Hersko replaces injured Shalom Hurwitz for the remainder of the Spring 2006 Season.M. DAVIDOWITZHersko, Yitzi
Hurwitz, Shalom
2352006-03-28Sharf trades Simcha, Perl & Ciment to Weinstein for Jablon, Braunstein & MoskowitzSHARFBraunstein, Menachem
Jablon, Yitz
Moskowitz, Moishe
Ciment, Yossi
Perl, Mendy
Simcha, Mike
WEINSTEINCiment, Yossi
Perl, Mendy
Simcha, Mike
Braunstein, Menachem
Jablon, Yitz
Moskowitz, Moishe
2362006-03-28Weinstein trades Perl to Sharf for BraunsteinSHARFPerl, Mendy
Braunstein, Menachem
WEINSTEINBraunstein, Menachem
Perl, Mendy
2372006-03-26Roy Bitran replaces injured Eli Freund for the remainder of the Spring 2006 Season.SCHONFELD (OLD)Bitran, Roy
Freund, Eli
2302006-03-01Weinstein trades Simcha, Perl & Ciment to Sharf for Jablon, Braunstein & MoskowitzSHARFCiment, Yossi
Perl, Mendy
Simcha, Mike
Braunstein, Menachem
Jablon, Yitz
Moskowitz, Moishe
WEINSTEINBraunstein, Menachem
Jablon, Yitz
Moskowitz, Moishe
Ciment, Yossi
Perl, Mendy
Simcha, Mike
2232006-01-12Spring 2006 - DraftB. DAVIDOWITZGolshan, Yossi1
GILDINPinter, Chesky2
SHARFJablon, Yitz3
WEINSTEINWeinstein, Evan5
MENDELSONMendelson, Brian7
ADLERMann, Barry8
ADLERGruber, Akiva9
MENDELSONRosner, Simcha10
SCHONFELD (OLD)Benoliel, Nissim11
WEINSTEINSimcha, Mike12
M. DAVIDOWITZHersh, Simcha13
SHARFHusarsky, Ari14
GILDINGildin, Jonathan15
B. DAVIDOWITZBitran, Jackie16
GILDINNewman, Yossi18
SHARFSharf, Yossi19
M. DAVIDOWITZFriedlander, Arik20
WEINSTEINGelbstein, Shua21
SCHONFELD (OLD)Kindil, Sholom22
MENDELSONHauptman, Richie23
ADLERAdler, Yaakov24
ADLERBensinger, Ari25
MENDELSONVolkowitz, Benyamin26
SCHONFELD (OLD)Schonfeld, Yitzi27
WEINSTEINPerl, Mendy28
M. DAVIDOWITZHershkowitz, Abe29
SHARFBraunstein, Menachem30
B. DAVIDOWITZSchonfeld, Avrumi32
B. DAVIDOWITZGruen, Dovid33
GILDINSarig, Assaf34
SHARFKupferstein, Moshe35
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe36
WEINSTEINGoldberg, Jake37
SCHONFELD (OLD)Traube, Tzvi38
MENDELSONCrystal, Steve39
ADLERCiment, Yoel40
ADLERGrodko, Jeff41
MENDELSONSacks, Aaron42
WEINSTEINCiment, Yossi44
M. DAVIDOWITZHurwitz, Shalom45
SHARFMoskowitz, Moishe46
GILDINSchwartz, Elie47
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny48

Fall 2005
2222005-11-06Eli Hershkowitz to replace injured Richie Hauptman for the remainder of the Fall 2005 Season.WEINSTEINHershkowitz, Eli
Hauptman, Richie
2212005-10-30E. Weinstein trades Sarig to Perl for SchwartzPERLSarig, Assaf
Schwartz, Elie
WEINSTEINSchwartz, Elie
Sarig, Assaf
2162005-09-08PERLStein, Dovid1
GOLSHANGolshan, Yossi2
WEINSTEINWeinstein, Evan4
J. WEINSTEINMann, Barry5
SHARFMendelson, Brian6
GILDINGildin, Jonathan7
ADLERRosner, Simcha8
ADLERSchnur, Zvi9
GILDINGruber, Akiva10
SHARFSimcha, Mike11
J. WEINSTEINJablon, Yitz12
WEINSTEINBenoliel, Nissim13
B. DAVIDOWITZHusarsky, Ari14
GOLSHANHersh, Simcha15
PERLFriedlander, Arik16
PERLPerl, Mendy17
GOLSHANFreund, Eli18
WEINSTEINHauptman, Richie20
J. WEINSTEINWeinstein, Joey21
SHARFSharf, Yossi22
GILDINSchonfeld, Avrumi23
ADLERAdler, Yaakov24
GILDINHurwitz, Shalom26
SHARFMond, Uri27
J. WEINSTEINBraunstein, Menachem28
WEINSTEINGruen, Dovid29
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua30
GOLSHANKindil, Sholom31
PERLRosenberg, Jerry32
PERLDavidowitz, Moshe33
GOLSHANBensinger, Ari34
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny35
WEINSTEINSarig, Assaf36
J. WEINSTEINMoskowitz, Moishe37
SHARFAbacasus, Sal38
GILDINCrystal, Steve39
ADLERKlein, Moshe40
ADLERGoldberg, Jake41
GILDINSchonfeld, Yitzi42
J. WEINSTEINGrodko, Jeff44
WEINSTEINSacks, Aaron45
B. DAVIDOWITZCiment, Yoel46
GOLSHANCiment, Yossi47
PERLSchwartz, Elie48

Spring 2005
2052005-05-30Moshe Davidowitz to replace Chaim Langer for the remainder of the Spring 2005 Season.PERLDavidowitz, Moshe
Langer, Chaim
2042005-05-19Dave Stein to replace Akiva Gruber for the remainder of the Spring 2005 Season (Welcome back Dave!).B. DAVIDOWITZStein, Dovid
Gruber, Akiva
1982005-04-03Akiva Gruber to replace injured Dave Stein for the remainder of the Spring 2005 Season.B. DAVIDOWITZGruber, Akiva
Stein, Dovid
1942005-03-13Eli Levy to replace injured Aaron Sacks for the remainder of the Spring 2005 Season.M. SHARFSacks, Aaron
1922005-02-27Perl trades Crystal to Davidowitz for LangerB. DAVIDOWITZCrystal, Steve
Langer, Chaim
PERLLanger, Chaim
Crystal, Steve
1882005-02-01Spring 2005PERLGolshan, Yossi1
B. DAVIDOWITZStein, Dovid2
SHARFMendelson, Brian3
GELBSTEINReich, Shlomo4
ADLERGildin, Jonathan5
M. SHARFRosner, Simcha6
M. SHARFWeinstein, Evan7
ADLERMann, Teddy8
SHARFMann, Barry10
B. DAVIDOWITZBenoliel, Nissim11
PERLCrystal, Steve12
PERLSimcha, Mike13
B. DAVIDOWITZHauptman, Richie14
SHARFFriedlander, Arik15
GELBSTEINWeinstein, Joey16
ADLERGruen, Dovid17
M. SHARFSchonfeld, Avrumi18
M. SHARFTarlow, Yossi19
ADLERAdler, Yaakov20
GELBSTEINGelbstein, Shua21
SHARFSharf, Yossi22
B. DAVIDOWITZLanger, Chaim23
PERLPerl, Mendy24
PERLGrodko, Jeff25
B. DAVIDOWITZSarig, Assaf26
SHARFKlein, Moshe27
GELBSTEINGoldberg, Jake28
ADLERSchonfeld, Yitzi29
M. SHARFSacks, Aaron30
M. SHARFSharf, Moishey31
ADLERCiment, Yoel32
GELBSTEINMoskowitz, Moishe33
SHARFSchwartz, Elie34
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny35
PERLCiment, Yossi36

Fall 2004
1842004-12-20Steve Crystal replaces injured Sholom Kindel for the remainder of the Fall 2004 season.GOLDBERGCrystal, Steve
Kindil, Sholom
1702004-11-15Fall 2004PERLReich, Shlomo1
M. SHARFMendelson, Brian2
GOLDBERGGolshan, Yossi3
GELBSTEINStein, Dovid4
SACKSWeintraub, Ari5
B. DAVIDOWITZGildin, Jonathan6
SACKSBenoliel, Nissim8
GELBSTEINRosner, Simcha9
GOLDBERGSimcha, Mike10
M. SHARFWeinstein, Evan11
PERLMann, Teddy12
PERLHauptman, Richie13
M. SHARFFriedlander, Arik14
GOLDBERGKindil, Sholom15
GELBSTEINMann, Barry16
SACKSTarlow, Yossi17
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey18
B. DAVIDOWITZSharf, Yossi19
SACKSSarig, Assaf20
GELBSTEINSchonfeld, Avrumi21
GOLDBERGGrodko, Jeff22
M. SHARFMoskowitz, Moishe23
PERLCiment, Yoel24
PERLPerl, Mendy25
M. SHARFSharf, Moishey26
GOLDBERGGoldberg, Jake27
GELBSTEINGelbstein, Shua28
SACKSSacks, Aaron29
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny30
B. DAVIDOWITZLanger, Chaim31
SACKSAdler, Yaakov32
GELBSTEINKlein, Moshe33
GOLDBERGSchonfeld, Yitzi34
M. SHARFCiment, Yossi35
PERLSchwartz, Elie36

Spring 2012
5392004-01-03Spring 2012 DraftJABLONMann, Eli1
SCHONFELDKahan, Shlomie2
ADLERLevy, Asher3
KURLANDKurland, Akiva4
BITRANGruber, Akiva5
PINESRuvel, Menachem6
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Evan8
B. DAVIDOWITZFleisher, Avi9
M. DAVIDOWITZTreitel, Zalmy10
PINESIsrael, Israel11
BITRANPinter, Chesky12
KURLANDHusarsky, Ari13
ADLERWeinberger, Sruly14
SCHONFELDKassirer, Yitzy15
JABLONSinger, Shlomo Tzvi16
JABLONJablon, Yitz17
SCHONFELDWeinstein, Joey18
ADLERFeiner, Dovid19
KURLANDMilner, Moshe20
BITRANBitran, Roy21
PINESPines, Avi22
M. DAVIDOWITZNewman, Yossi23
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua25
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe26
PINESLeichter, Leibe27
BITRANFriedman, Shmayie28
KURLANDShafar, Norm29
ADLERGolomb, Moshe30
SCHONFELDKorngold, Chaim31
JABLONRand, Nachi32
JABLONRalbag, Gavriel33
SCHONFELDSchonfeld, Yitzi34
ADLERAdler, Yaakov35
KURLANDSacks, Aaron36
BITRANLevi, Shlomo37
PINESYifat, Menachem38
B. DAVIDOWITZGrodko, Jeff40
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny41
M. DAVIDOWITZAugenstein, Duvi42
PINESStahler, Shalom43
BITRANAronbayev, Jack44
KURLANDHerskovits, Shimi45
ADLERStern, Menachem46
SCHONFELDMajeski, Sochi47
JABLONSelzer, Shmully48

Fall 2004 Playoffs
1852004-01-01Fall 2004 PlayoffsGELBSTEINStein, Dovid1
M. SHARFMendelson, Brian2
GOLDBERGGolshan, Yossi3
B. DAVIDOWITZGildin, Jonathan4
GOLDBERGSimcha, Mike6
M. SHARFWeinstein, Evan7
GELBSTEINRosner, Simcha8
M. SHARFFriedlander, Arik10
GOLDBERGCrystal, Steve11
B. DAVIDOWITZWeinstein, Joey12
B. DAVIDOWITZSharf, Yossi13
GOLDBERGGrodko, Jeff14
M. SHARFMoskowitz, Moishe15
GELBSTEINSchonfeld, Avrumi16
GELBSTEINGelbstein, Shua17
M. SHARFSharf, Moishey18
GOLDBERGGoldberg, Jake19
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny20
B. DAVIDOWITZLanger, Chaim21
GOLDBERGSchonfeld, Yitzi22
M. SHARFCiment, Yossi23
GELBSTEINKlein, Moshe24

Fall 2009
3732004-01-01Fall 2009 DraftADLERMann, Michael1
MOSESWeiss, Shiye4
JABLONPinter, Chesky5
SHARFGruber, Akiva6
B. MANNNachum, Aviran7
SCHONFELDKahan, Shlomie9
B. MANNMann, Barry10
SHARFWeinstein, Evan11
JABLONRosner, Simcha12
MOSESMoses, Eli13
B. DAVIDOWITZDombroff, David14
AMZALLAGAmzallag, Jonathan15
ADLERFleisher, Avi16
ADLERSimcha, Mike17
AMZALLAGPupko, Yisroel18
MOSESPines, Avi20
JABLONJablon, Yitz21
SHARFShilian, Avraham22
B. MANNNewman, Yossi23
SCHONFELDBerkowitz, Usher24
SCHONFELDSchonfeld, Yitzi25
B. MANNDavidowitz, Moshe26
SHARFLandsman, Ira27
JABLONKindil, Sholom28
MOSESHusarsky, Ari29
B. DAVIDOWITZRalbag, Gavriel30
AMZALLAGSetton, Haim31
ADLERAdler, Yaakov32
ADLERKurland, Akiva33
AMZALLAGSacks, Aaron34
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua35
MOSESBitran, Roy36
JABLONYifat, Menachem37
SHARFGrodko, Jeff38
B. MANNTaub, Ari39
SCHONFELDSharf, Moishey41
B. MANNWorch, Mendy42
SHARFCiment, Yossi43
JABLONCrystal, Steve44
MOSESSarig, Assaf45
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny46
AMZALLAGSenderowitz, Ari47
ADLERMajeski, Sochi48

Spring 2013
5722004-01-01Spring 2013 DraftM. DAVIDOWITZMann, Eli1
ADLERMann, Michael2
B. DAVIDOWITZKahan, Shlomie3
A. GRUBERGruber, Akiva4
A. SHILIANWeinstein, Evan5
FUCHSIsrael, Israel6
PINTERPinter, Chesky7
FLEISHERFleisher, Avi8
PINTERKurland, Akiva10
FUCHSMann, Barry11
A. SHILIANShilian, Avraham12
A. GRUBERHusarsky, Ari13
ADLERGamil, Shye15
M. DAVIDOWITZJablon, Yitz16
M. DAVIDOWITZMann, Teddy17
ADLERHershkovich, Howie18
A. GRUBERSrugo, Danny20
A. SHILIANMoradi, Moshe21
FUCHSMilner, Moshe22
PINTERWeinberger, Sruly23
FLEISHERBitran, Roy24
FLEISHERShilian, Elchanan25
PINTERHalpert, Mayer26
FUCHSFuchs, Avi27
A. SHILIANKorngold, Chaim28
A. GRUBERGolomb, Moshe29
B. DAVIDOWITZGelbstein, Shua30
ADLERAdler, Yaakov31
M. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Moshe32
M. DAVIDOWITZRalbag, Gavriel33
ADLERShilian, Ely34
B. DAVIDOWITZShafar, Norm35
A. GRUBERStahler, Shalom36
A. SHILIANHorowitz, Eli37
FUCHSRubin, Eli38
PINTERTaub, Ari39
FLEISHERLevi, Shlomo40
FLEISHERStern, Menachem41
PINTERGrodko, Jeff42
FUCHSAronbayev, Jack43
A. SHILIANMajeski, Sochi44
A. GRUBERYifat, Menachem45
B. DAVIDOWITZDavidowitz, Benny46
ADLERSchonfeld, Yitzi47
M. DAVIDOWITZAugenstein, Duvi48

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     Zelik Skur replaces Eli Shekoohinia for the remainder of the Spring 2020 Season.
     Trade: Adler trades Skur to J. Yehounatan for Westreich.
     Trade: Sulaymanov trades Lavian to J. Yehounatan for Rambod
     Trade: Sulaymanov trades Y. Gruber & Wegh to Fajiram for Bressler & Halpert
     Trade: Sulaymanov trades Moradi & Westreich to J. Yehounatan for Schorr & Lavian
     Spring 2020 Draft
    View all transactions


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    Monday Night Basketball League
     Mann, Eli100
     Pinter, Chesky87
     Amrossi, Tom78
     Berger, Steve70
     Yehounatan, Josh69



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