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  Jewish Sports Quotes
What is so great about athletics in general or sports is that, in many ways, it does the same work that religions do. I think that’s why there is a certain compatibility. The fact of the matter is the hard work and the teamwork and the constant struggle for self-improvement is very similar to what most religious traditions teach. So they’re not mutually exclusive by any stretch of the imagination.
-- Rabbi Jonathan Siger at UF’s Hillel

Source: Alligator Sports

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Carpathian Basketball League - 2006 Fall

Aaron W. Vays

Shapsie "Bud" Markus

Arthur Kogut

Lotion in the basket

Site News: ghgfh
hfghfhfg(Posted: 2015-01-23)

Cbl All star game
Dont you think this would be one of the most exciting games of the Cbl season!!
All stars like Simcha da kis mikhli Shapsie,Yanky,Evan,Leiby,Elan,Tzvi,Arthur,Joey,Goaly (and farky for fun lol) all on the same court playing against eachother. Aaron SET THIS UP!!!!(Posted: 2007-04-07)

Why is every one making a big deal out of the stats? you all know that we have a good score keeper you can rely on so why dont you add more statistics? like field goal% (made and attempted) 3pt % (made and attempted) plus the statistics we have now (pts,steals,rebounds,assists,blocks?? I think with new additions to the CBL league the better it gets!!!(Posted: 2007-02-07)

How about a Cbl All star Game??
How does that sound anyone like?? (Posted: 2006-11-12)

CBL News: The real Jewish Jordan??
There's a talk about Jewish jordan's in our Brooklyn area.. well there are alot of canidates Like Simcha the kid Mikhli, Yanky Engleberger and Elan BriLL0 strobel who would you Pick go to Madison on Thursday nights to watch these Highflying Cbl All star's(Posted: 2006-11-12)

CBL News: Your guide to the Spring 2006 season
Welcome to another exciting season of the CBL.

Here's your guide to all the season information:

  • Draft Results. There were also a few draft day trades.
  • Feel free to send in your picture if you want a new one or you don't have one.
  • See the schedule.
  • Vote in our poll: Which team will win the championship.
  • Luzy has boldly posted his season preview and predictions.
  • Hopefully, Arthur will post his entertaining draft recap.

  • If you haven't registered as a player, you're missing out on some cool features- read more here.

    Don't forget to pay your league fees.

    Good Luck.

    (Posted: 2006-02-02)

    Site News: Crossword Feature Added

    We have added CBL crosswords to the site. So far we have:

    Feel free to suggest your own.
    (Posted: 2005-05-26)

    Site News: Becoming a Registered Player
    Advantages to registering as a player:
  • You can always see your team's last game and your personal game results.
  • See the game time of the next game you are playing in.
  • You are able to vote for MVP etc at the end of the season.
  • You can change and restrict your contact information. See Below.
  • You have access to "My Page"- where it shows you your game, season and career highs and compares it to the league records.
    (Posted: 2005-03-29)
    Read More

  • Site News: News now on stat site
    In an effort to limit the places you need to look for information and make the site easier to use- you can now see all the latest news here.(Posted: 2005-03-27)
    Read More

    CBL News: Please be prompt
    We only have the gyms this season until 10:30. Therefore, the early games will begin promptly at 8:10 (at least the clock will start then). The second games will begin immediately following the end of the first. (Posted: 2005-03-01)

    Tournament - Carpathian Basketball League - 2006 Fall Playoffs

    Loshon Bye
    Loshon Conference Finals
    Elan 67 
    Mark V. 42 
    Lashon Wildcard
    Shapsie "Commissioners" 39 
    Mark V. 43 
    Elan 39 
    Tzvi 44 
    Hora Wildcard
    Aarcoholics 31 
    Tzvi 32 
    Hora Conference Finals
    Tzvi 33 
    Chai 23 
    Hora Bye

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     Alex for Norman
     Fall 2006 Draft
     Trade: Elan and Ari swap picks
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